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How to style a Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket?

How to style a Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a top action and adventure online game that draws the fun and interest of all game freaks due to its self-definition, portraits, visible effects, excitement, stimulating and unusual animation effects. Every player wants to shine in this kind of entertainment because this is a new trend and you can say that this is the most attractive trend of the time.

Cyberpunk 2077 jacket is made up of synthetic leather or first-class real leather. Leather inner and viscose lining guarantee that you feel comfortable. You may also see the red shaded face here. The gray tone of the Cyberpunk 2077 leather jacket is the first choice for stylish men.

Different styles to carry cyberpunk 2077 bomber jacket

  • Bomber jackets are available in different designs. You can wear the cyberpunk 2077 jacket on any occasion. Here are some styles you can carry with your cyberpunk 2077 jacket.
  • Sports shoes have increased impetus and have developed one of the most stylish looks. Wear your bomber jacket on a long t-shirt, polo shirt or sweatshirt and pair it with loose trousers such as sweatpants. Another way to wear this style is to wear a hoodie under the jacket. Choose a dark color to look classy!
  • If you wear a bomber jacket with jeans, you will feel relaxed. You can also wear this jacket in the summer and in winter wear hats to keep you warm. Finish your look with great sneakers.
  • The bomber jacket only seems to be suitable for most casual clothing, but can still be styled informal clothing. For best results, wear a monochrome dress with slim pants and a button-down shirt. The bomber jacket on a single-colored base looks amazing.
  • A chic and casual look is always difficult to achieve. It is unique to incorporate the right elements into formal attire. Wear your bomber jacket with a button T-shirt and loose twill pants. Pair your shoes with slippers for a casual look.

Things to consider before you buy a Cyberpunk 2077 bomber jacket

Fit: Probably the most important aspect is that the jacket’s fit resembles that of a tailored blazer that is close to the shoulders and has sleeves and body. However, be careful not to be too tight as you want to be able to layer clothes underneath.

Fabric: Traditional bomber materials such as leather, yarn and wool are ideal for winter use, while suede, nylon and polyester are more suitable for the transition and suitable for all weather conditions.

Attachment: Most bombers come with a zipper. To get the most out of your function, try a buckle or double zipper on the collar to get more options when choosing wearing options.

Color: The bomber looks best when it is set in black, grey, brown and neutral.

The original bomber jacket was a military part and must be able to accommodate the layered uniforms and items of equipment underneath. Therefore, the size of conventional bombers is slightly larger. However, this is not a problem for ordinary civilian uniforms. So if you wear a dress in modern times, you can afford to choose a slim bomber jacket or something more comfortable. The main things to consider are the sleeves and slim shoulders of the body.


Look for a jacket with seams that fall directly on the shoulder edge. If the seams are closer to your neck, the fur is too small. If it falls too far on your arm, If you can raise your arms without worrying about tearing the fabric, the fit is probably correct.


Since your jacket is sure to be covered by other things like a hoodie, you want to look for sleeves that offer enough space without being too loose. To avoid the uncomfortable feeling of tight sleeves, look for a jacket with slightly larger armholes on the shoulders and biceps, but which gradually decreases as they extend to your wrist. The cuff should touch the wrist bone at the bottom of the palm, and you don’t need to stretch it too far when you reach through it. If the rubber band stretches a lot, it wears out and becomes too loose over time.

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